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A Letter to Dad
Chinelo Ekeanyanwu (Ada Omelora)

Dearest Dad, 

Words cannot express this crater you left in my heart when you quietly slipped away to the other side. I hope you realise how truly loved you are. You were one in a million and like vintage wine which becomes richer in quality and substance with age. 

So was that really our last chat? Our last chuckle? Our last hug?  Our last prayer? 

Holding your hand, I wishfully thought we would have that bit longer dad...but God's time is always perfect. His ways are not our ways and his will has been done. 

Thank you for always being there for us dad and all you've done. 

Thank you for being a fun dad and grandad. 

Thank you for a great life and the exposure. Thank you for all the virtues instilled. 

Thank you for being faithful to your God and leading by love and example even when we thought you didn't get it for You knew!

I thank God for giving me the privilege of knowing you and I am so proud to call you my father. 

Like Maya Angelou said "People will never forget how you made them feel. " 

I will cherish the numerous fun memories and you shall not be forgotten. I recall all the galas and house visits; how you'd have the loudest infectious laughter in the room full of friends.  The titled nickname-calling that boomed in the house. As you know, your humour always comforted me. You showed genuine interest and care for all, big or small, never overlooking even the least in your midst. This was something you upheld effortlessly. 

I recall your kindness and generosity to a fault being honoured with the title "Omelora of Abba" which you eventually accepted. Let's not mention my missing clothes then, which were given away to charity without permission. I also recall the shelter, love and care you provided to your parents and siblings. Travelling, come what may to the East to visit Mama and Papa Abba and family. The various lives you impacted; spotting the potential in people and encouraging everyone to be the best they could be as well as offering education and work opportunities for them to excel in life. 

You were a true leader dad; one who served and led from behind.  You had compassion, integrity, unwavering faith and trust in the Lord. My prayer warrior. Ikwe na Chukwu!  You taught us most importantly, what it means to be a family. Your love for mum and us all was admirable. 

You CAME- a special gift to your Christian parents as the first son of your Late father Jonas and Virginia Okafor;  you SAW - travelling  the continents (which I resentfully misunderstood whilst very young, as you were off yet again on the next banking tour) impacting lives everywhere you went; and yes you CONQUERED life- leading as a true disciple, living life to the full, loving unconditionally and despite all your earthly trials which you gracefully endured in patience, transited to your maker, mission accomplished leaving a trail of legacies truly appreciated now. 

Je nke oma, farewell, bon voyage, adieu my sweet daddy. As one of our tunes goes - I'll be missing you - remember we only just chuckled and smiled while it played when I last saw you weeks ago not knowing it would be our last song together. 

It is well with my soul. Your presence is all around me and part of your essence lives on in me. Go now and claim the room prepared for you in your father's house.  It's time to sail on to  reunite with your parents, friends and in-laws who will greet you proudly for your accomplishments on earth with open arms. It's time to be at peace; so relax and read any book in the heavenly library. You have run a good, dignified and fair race till the end. You have endured and persevered. I honour your life that was lived to the full and a spirit now free. Don't forget us down here and while you sleep, I'll try to make you proud. May your gentle, humble soul now rest in peace for this crooked world is no place for your kind. I love you daddy. 

Till we meet again. 


Yours always with love, 

Ada Omelora


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