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James O Emmanuel
Jan 29, 2022
In Tribute Page
Daddy your death is a really big blow on my face, you remain my dad even as at now. You are indeed a Saint, you are a true leader, a great father with the heart of gold, a father without single problems and have good intentions for everyone, a friend to both the rich and the poor, a helper to anyone you come across. Mostly i your boy James Otache Emmanuel will missed you and you will never be forgotten in my heart. Your advice are so great and will never be forgotten as well, I wish this world is full with great men of values like you. My problem is that you left when i needed you most in life, but I know God had better reasons taking you away from us. prayer is that you are now resting with Jesus Christ and pleading on our behalf. Rest in peace Daddy. One love
Tribute to my boss, Chief L.E Okafor. content media
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James O Emmanuel

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