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Emma Chinedu
Jan 24, 2022
In Tribute Page
Thank you for being there, for showing me the path.,and giving it all you have.,when I needed your help, and thank you for always caring about my Education It is not that common at this stage of my career to hear your departure, I have never taken your advise for granted. I certainly never did, and never will. You carve your name and legacy etched in my hearts.without you I wouldn’t have experienced what university looks like. Few months to my graduation you left without saying congratulations, without seeing what you started in my life. I feel chained down to the floor afraid to move and depressed all the more when I heard of your death.A man has died and taken his place, inside of heaven within its glorious space. Never the less I am glad to have shared some little moment with him, I am grateful that I was part of his kindness. Even now I remember the words he said, with the life he lived and the people he lead. Forever grateful and loyal to your family. CHINEDU MAMA (SON OF GRACE)
Tribute to my mentor 
Chief sir L.E Okafor
(Omelora Abba) content media
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Emma Chinedu

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