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I Miss You Daddy
Nneka Okafor

One of the greatest blessings a child can have is the gift of a loving father.

Growing up in a house full of children I still always felt seen and heard.

You recognised our differences, loved us all equally and made each of us feel special.

You always taught us the importance of being independent, going after what we want and living with integrity.

You were measured in your words, always tactful and mindful that your constructive criticisms did not cause hurt but were taken in good faith.

You cherished a healthy lifestyle and loved taking long walks to think and clear your mind.

You held it together for your family and emerged from some of the most trying moments of a man’s life, resilient, filled with spirit, good cheer and hope for the future. 

I know you expected more from me and I never wanted to disappoint you. I always wanted to make you proud.

In your last few days, your occasional bursts of laughter warmed my heart and put my mind at ease.  


Dearest daddy, I have finally accepted that your earthly life has come to an end.

You now join the Saints Triumphant in heaven. 

Rest in the Lord my sweet dad. 

Your ‘Nnenne’ misses you terribly.

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