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To My Most Exceptional Daddy
Maureen Okafor

I find words lacking in the expression of my love for you, dad. I’m crushed. My human senses can no longer sense you, and I feel like I have lost my one steadying anchor. 

Although I know you’re gone from this earth, your life remains in a world known to God. And so, I find it difficult referring to you in past tense. You are such an inspiration to me. Your loving care, prayers, and guidance through life’s journey have made me who I am today. You gave the best advices, and I was always eager to bring my troubles to you, my truest counselor. 

I realize how much of a blessing it is to have you for a father. You not only taught us by words. In fact, you did mostly by example. You are a true saint…well, not counting the time when I was little and you punished me for making a mess and leaving my shoes in the living room. I have so so many fond memories. The last time I visited you I will cherish forever. On my departure, you laid your hands on my head as you always do and prayed for me. Your words as I left that day – Remember your God.


Daddy, who will I jump on and hug and shower kisses on the next time I come home?


Nonetheless, I believe in a God who loves His children fiercely and who protects us all. I believe He has taken you Home and I understand. Although I’m gutted that you’re gone, I understand the ebb and flow of life. A time, a season…for everything.

And in knowing this, you will always have a living place in my heart – your laughter, your smile, your voice, your words of wisdom. My earnest hope is to make you proud every day. I love you with every fiber of my being.

I miss you very much.

Rest in God’s peace, dad. It’s time to rest.

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