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A Farewell Message to My Darling Husband L.E
Chinwe Okafor

As I watched you take that last breath, the pangs of pain and emotional stress burst in my brain. 


“Is this death”, I asked? Could this be the end?

My mentor, confidante, friend, companion and brother is gone for good.

My soulmate has gone. 

My playmate has gone.

The beautiful feather on my head has fallen. 

On your sickbed you still made us laugh at every opportunity. 

That, I will forever miss. 


We both attended our regular Holy Mass live on TV on Christmas day and the following day’s Sunday mass. You received the Holy Eucharist on Sunday. I didn’t know that this was to be the food for your final journey and for this I thank God Almighty.


We were looking forward to the celebration of our Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary in December this year, but never did I imagine that death would snatch you away from me so soon. In our 49 years of married life, we had always been together, travelled together, accomplished so many victories together. 


You rejected a transfer to the London branch during the course of your duty in FBN PLC many years ago, because you did not want us to live apart, even for a while. I also rejected a call back to nursing services in London simply because all we wanted was to be with each other and to keep our nuclear family together. 


You were a great father to our children. You taught me a lot by your many actions that showed me this world was never a permanent place for you. You lived in it doing a lot of good. You elevated many struggling people through your numerous charitable works. You lived a life of humility and simplicity.


You did numerous saintly acts - acts that the worldly would regard as foolishness. You really focused on the life beyond and your actions were propelled from above.  


You were a gentleman, kind and generous to a fault and you truly loved in a Christlike manner. Your life was an open Bible for those around you to read. I believe your love for humanity will not end with your death. 


As much as I miss you being here with me, the aura of your loving presence envelops me now and again. 


You are gone and will be greatly missed. Thank you for your love for me, our lovely children, and humanity at large.You will always remain in my heart. 


Sleep on my love!

Sleep on till we meet again.


May your soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in perfect peace. 



Your Beloved Wife,


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